quinta-feira, 10 de junho de 2010

Mais de um ano sem escrever...

Faz muito tempo que eu não escrevo...muito mesmo, mais de um ano! Quando parei de escrever ainda estava na Noruega. Mas estes dias tenho pensado em voltar a escrever, foram tantas mudanças em minha vida nestes últimos tempos. Acredito que o blog será um bom espaço de reflexão, de compartilhar, de ressoar tantas coisas que tenho passado!

Bom, bora pensar num novo layout! Em links com o twitter e etc...Vamos nos falando!

quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009

Back to Hald!

Welcome back! Yes, I am back to Hald, my school here in Mandal. But it seems that I’m not feeling so well, I don’t know, maybe not complete…For sure, I’m missing my family, friends and girlfriend , but, the idea to come back to Brazil is freaking me out, in way, that I’m longing so much this day, that sometimes, I lose my sight here at school.
These days here, I’ve been thinking so much, debriefing so much, confronting so many things in me…In a way this is very good and makes me grow, but also, hurts a lot, and there is no explanation or medicine to cure that things, just the time….So, now for example, I’m sitting by a three just relaxing and trying to put ideas in order… Might help!

quarta-feira, 8 de abril de 2009

Mission-net in Germany

Hallo, alles godt?

Well, I am here in Germany - Oldenburg, working and joining at Mission-net Conference! I came with Karen, my teammate, two students from Bergen and Rose and Janet from Kenya. We will be here until 13.04, celebrating easter here with more than 3.000 participants. I think will be great!

We just finish the Opening Celebration, and we will have more 5 wonderfull days of Conference. We are also in charge of IFES Stand, our job is divulgate IFES work and projects around Europe.

Is really nice, I have been in contact with some many nationalities and languages. Awesome! Until now I spoke english, portuguese, spanish, norwegian and a little of Germany. Who knows, in the end of this week I can learn more languages!

See ya!

segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2009

Back to Norway - Ready to Germany

Hahaha, I know some of you are just thinking, why he is traveling so much? Sorry...But it is fun!Well, my weekend in Scandinavia was really amazing, I walked many hours and took thousands pictures...

Ow, Stockholm is definitly the most beautifull city I ever been, the door to scandinavian countries. Everything is so clean and classical, all those bridges and islands were indescribable.

In Copehagem was more cosmopolitan, great shops, and most fashion scandinavian place. How about the beautifull people, every person in that city was beautifull!!! Girls, boys and kids! I missed Tivoli's park, because they will open only i few days, but instead, I walked around some castles and got my cruise back to Oslo.

The cruise was most fancy thing that I did in my life, can you imagine? A cruise in Europe? Ow, so fancy, the boat was amazing, and I enjoyed the jacuzzi, the nigthclub, and food -a special buffet - and bed! After walking for more than 17 hours was just perfect!

Today, I am in Oslo, packing things to go Germany! Yes, I'll go to Oldenburg, near to Bremen, for a missionary conference, with another students from Hald. It'll be a special time, I hope, to be a great ending here in Europe. Yes is almost in the end, in two months will be back to Brasil....

Hugs =*
ps: The pictures will be avaiable just when I come back to Stavanger, sorry!

sexta-feira, 3 de abril de 2009

Scandinavian Weekend!

Hey folks! I know that I've been lazy with this blog! But in last days I was so busy and tired, really, I was little depressive as well. I don't know, maybe, is because I missed my family and friends so much in these days....I think this is the reason for so much laziness!!! Hehehehe

But ok! I promised to my girlfriend a post before leave to my scandinavian weekend! Yes, well I am here in Norway, so I decide to travel to other scandinavian countries, wich means, Sweden and Denmark. Yeahp! Today I am in Oslo, this night will take a bus to Stockholm, spend saturday there, and then take a bus to Copehagen, spend sunday there, and take a cruise back to Oslo!!! I know will tough! But hang on, it will be fun also! I hope will take many pictures and walk a lot...

When I come back to Oslo, I promise post some pictures and a short briefing!!! In the next post I will talk about my plans to easter time, I will go to Germany, in a missionary conference! Check it out http://www.mission-net.org

See ya!

terça-feira, 17 de março de 2009

Åpen Dag - UiS

Hallo! Well today I had an special day, I mean special because I experiencied good and bad things also. First we had a Open Day at Stavanger University, all the courses had a stand to show the main studies in each area, and, Laget had also a stand to show to invite people to meetings and serve some waffles and coffe! Was really nice, interact with some others students...After this I went to Christian Union meeting, we had a bible study and prayer -worship time, I really felt the presence of God there.

But then, I went back home and something happened with me, I had bad experience, I got anxious, nervous, stressed, and really felt tempted...So, something came to my mind! God knows, God knows I want to break free!

sábado, 14 de março de 2009

Wow!!! How long time, isn't?

Hi,people! I know I've been lazy with this blog! But will change this behavior, again. Well, since the last post many things happened to me, here in Norway!

- I visited some friends in Kristiansand

- I went ski for my first time

- I had some bible studies with friends

- My mom come to visit me, and was the best thing that happened! We spent some time together, in Oslo, London and Stavanger! We had some importants conversations and some discussion as well, but, now is just wait until June to see her again, and I'm looking forwad for this.

- I went to ski with Laget group, beside the fact, that was really tired, was nice hang out with Laget people, and skiing again

- Yesterday I went to a service with Julius Oyet, a bishop from Uganda, oh man! God was there definetly! So amazing, I flowed in grace, was great! I'm feeling fully filled by the HS...And I want keep this!

I want open my heart for Gods's will! And changes will start to come.

To all that constantly come to visit my blog, a new picture, of my loose of weight!